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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Stillborn (Pol) - Testimonio de Bautismo

Artist: Stillborn (Pol)
Release Title: Testimonio de Bautismo
Year: 2016
Label: Godz ov War Productions
Genre: Death/Black Metal
1. Martwo urodzony - rozdział trzeci
2. Ancykryst
3. Upiór
4. Człowiekowstręt
5. Odezwa
6. Obłęd
7. Modlitwa poganina
8. Burst Command til War (Sodom cover)
9. Apocalyptic Hymn of Satanic Warriors

The fifth full-length from Polish death/black metallers Stillborn is a truly enjoyable and full-throttle effort that really offers a lot of enjoyable elements present from their career. Blasting away with dynamic black metal-styled tremolo pattern riff-work that adds a darkened, hell-fire-and-brimstone atmosphere to the proceedings, the fact that these rhythms all offer the kind of full-throttle tempos throughout here really makes these quite enjoyable with their full-throttle and openly dynamic paces that makes for quite a fun time amidst all the blackened riffing. Still, the death metal segments here are even better with the kind of blasting, brutal form of riffing that makes for a truly killer framework here that keeps things rolling along with the kind of twisting, varied rhythm styles here as this offers up several impressive stylings. Ranging from the intense, buzzing rhythms full of frantic speed-driven stylings to a more relaxed mid-tempo thrash-style pace and a sprawling, chugging variant as well, which is all tied together with their tremolo-styled riff-work, this one has plenty of truly enjoyable elements that come from a wide variety of influences which makes them all the better overall. With each of the songs quite enjoyable and not really featuring too many negatives overall, this is a truly scorching effort with a lot to like about it.

The first half here really sets this up as a fun, seething blast of metal. Album-opener ‘Martwo urodzony - rozdział trzeci’ features ravenous blasting among swirling tremolo pattern riff-work with tight, frantic rhythms bringing the entire speed-driven rhythms along with plenty of rapid-fire dexterous riffing and the tight, pounding drumming thumping along to the raging final half for an outstanding opening blast. The incendiary ‘Ancykryst’ utilizes the bleed-through riff-work raging through blasting thrash-fueled rhythms and scorching brimstone-scented tremolo patterns with frenzied drumming and utterly frantic blasting taking the raging rhythms along through the frenzied riffing with the chaotic energy of the finale for the album’s highlight offering. ‘Upiór’takes a steady stream of swirling mid-tempo riff-tempo that quickly turns into raging, thumping rhythms with a steady, plodding rhythms fueled with intense double-bass blasting which leads into the frantic, pummeling drum-work and raging tremolo riffing of the final half for an enjoyable enough track. ‘Człowiekowstręt’ blasts through with frenetic tremolo riff-work and stellar blasting drumming charging through the frantic up-tempo paces with unrelenting drum-work bringing the mid-section through plodding rhythms and chugging riffs that returns to the swirling tremolo patterns in the finale for a varied and enjoyable effort. ‘Odezwa’ starts with swirling razor-wire riffing plenty of furious pounding drumming along with the frenetic riffing taking on a series of diving, technical rhythms with the tremolo-picked patterns alongside full-throttle blasting drumming into the final half for a short, sweet enjoyable blaster.

The second half here is just as much fun with a lot to like about it. ‘Obłęd’ takes on frantic, tight riffing with intense buzzing tremolo patterns and furious blasting drumming through varied, dynamic rhythms with dizzying speed-driven paces swirling around throughout the choppy mid-tempo section that carries the speed on through the swirling finale for a rather frantic and enjoyable highlight. ‘Modlitwa poganina’ uses pounding, dynamic drumming and dizzying tremolo-picked riff-work with plenty of varied rhythms taking on the plodding mid-tempo rhythms alongside the sprawling riff-work throughout the mid-section as the charging drumming brings the intensity throughout the final half for a fine and enjoyable effort. Their cover of Sodom’s ‘Burst Command til War’ manages to effectively carry the speed-driven rhythms nicely while allowing the intensity of the original to carry through as it blasts away as an enjoyable and faithful cover version. Lastly, instrumental album-closer ‘Apocalyptic Hymn of Satanic Warriors’ brings out a studio-jam session with simplistic rhythms, loosely-connected patterns and a much more chaotic and over-the-rails feeling than their other material which is still fun enough to end this on a high note with all the other positive work here.

For the most part this is yet another strong, immaculate collection of snarling blackened death metal from one of the best groups in a scene utterly loaded with talent and offers forth another sure-to-be-classic recording for the Polish death/black metal scene which makes this an easy choice for aficionados of the scene or simply high-quality death metal in general.

Score: 95/100

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