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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tankist - Be Offended EP

Artist: Tankist
Release Title: Be Offended EP
Year: 2015
Label: Self-Released/Independent
Genre: Thrash Metal
1. Politically Incorrect
2. Mortuary
3. Deadeye
4. At the Gate
5. God Delusion
6. Sinister 6

The new EP from Estonian thrashers Tankist is a somewhat enjoyable and appealing effort if not exactly a stand-out piece of thrash metal for the most part. Based around lively, mid-tempo riffing with a heavy, thumping drum-based backbone, by-and-large this one comes off rather nicely here without really generating much else along the way here as the majority of the tracks simply plod along at overall pretty bland arrangements. It does manage to get to a few rather engaging elements along the way here when the band picks up the tempo and delivers some fire in their work, but for the most part the group isn’t too concerned with the bigger rhythms or even attempting to go for the revivalist school of arranging which keeps the work far too slow and plodding to really get going out of second gear.  Along with the light production that manages to keep this one feeling a little too muddied and one-dimensional by keeping the instruments way too jumbled together to really stick out further, it’s got some decent elements but has some pretty big flaws to it.

The tracks here aren’t all that bad and do have some enjoyable features here. Opener ‘Politically Incorrect’ slowly weaves a droning riff into a thumping, thrashing mid-tempo charge dripping with fiery rhythms as the start/stop patterns continually churn through the mid-tempo melodies throughout with the driving solo section leading into the finale for a fine opening effort. ‘Mortuary’ offers a droning bass-intro which turns into a galloping mid-tempo plod with a kick into fine mid-tempo riffing and pounding drumming with a dynamic and engaging series of rhythms through the lively solo section and carrying through the final half for a mostly bland effort with one real appealing section. ‘Deadeye’ features a strong series of swirling riffing with a strong series of thumping drumming running through the sprawling patterns as the mid section with a strong series of lively, energetic riff-work swarming through the solo section and on through the finale for for another rather disappointing effort.‘At the Gate’ uses immediate thumping and tight riffing alongside dynamic drumming and rather frantic patterns that continually charge along through the lively mid-tempo series of rhythms through the solo section and continuing for the final half for easily the best track here. ‘God Delusion’ features a charging build-up to a solid mid-tempo riff with galloping drumming that winds through a series of plodding start/stop rhythms plodding along with plenty of fiery and lively riff-work carrying through the solo section and on through the finale for another enjoyable effort. Lastly, ‘Sinister 6’ uses a slow-building series of choppy drumming and charging riff-work to settle in a plodding pace with flashes of lively rhythms throughout while generating far more engaging and dynamic riffing through an extended thrashing section holding through the final half for a slightly disappointing lasting note.

Though there’s certainly moments throughout here where the band is certainly onto something in their sound, it’s mostly surrounded by bland, plodding material keeping it down for the most part and really only leaving this one for the least discerning thrash fanatics or those who prefer something outside the normal revival acts populating the scene.

Score: 68/100

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