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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Beast of Nod - Arrival EP

Artist: The Beast of Nod
Release Title: Arrival EP
Year: 2016
Label: Self-Released/Independent
Genre: Death Metal
1. The Beast Awakens
2. Cephalopod of Doom
3. When a Meganeura Flies
4. Ascension
5. Hyperanal Hemorrhaging

The second EP from Boston death metallers The Beast of Nod offers a wholly enjoyable and somewhat engaging take that comes off highly enjoyable here. Though not inherently technical by any means, the album does seem based very heavily on technical death metal rhythms and challenging riff-work which is run through a deep, heavy series of rhythms that make this sound far more like traditional death metal. This is heavily appealing with the facet of keeping the material churning through various rhythms and tempo-changes that come off in very dynamic terms with that classic churning rhythm running throughout here, and coupled with the tight, blasting drumming it features some very appealing work throughout here. The problem with it all seems to stem from what is common-place throughout most EPs in that it tends to end far quicker than what the listener would like, seeming to stop just when it’s getting good as the effort offers up some absolutely killer tracks at the very end only to suddenly get cut off, and it leaves a somewhat disappointing feel when it could’ve very easily let this kind of solid material run along for a few more tracks. That’s really all that seems to be holding this one back as the group could be absolutely dynamic given a full-length effort.

Though it’s an EP without a lot of tracks present doesn’t mean there’s not a lot to like here. Instrumental intro ‘The Beast Awakens’ takes a series of swirling riffing and pounding drum-work along through a gradual build-up full of technical patterns into proper first track ‘Cephalopod of Doom’ offering swirling grooves and pounding drumming through stuttering, technical patterns thumping along with swarming rhythms holding the technical patterns along through the blasting tempo change into thumping up-tempo rhythms full of technical riffing running through the final half for a solid opening impression combined. ‘When a Meganeura Flies’ uses a melancholic intro with blasting drumming carrying along through the swirling series of technical riffing stuttering along through the strong series of thumping rhythms holding through into the blazing series of tight patterns and thumping drumming in the finale for another strong effort. ‘Ascension’ fades in with rumbling drumming and droning riff-work keeping a tight, steady mid-tempo pace throughout the stuttering, technical rhythms swirling throughout the simplistic charge along the steady, lurching rhythms continuing throughout the solo section in the final half for another strong effort. Lastly, album-closer ‘Hyperanal Hemorrhaging’ immediately blasts through swirling riff-work and plenty of tight, raging rhythms through the buzzing riffing alongside the pounding drumming that takes frantic, furious patterns throughout the solo section and firing away with plenty of furious tempos throughout the finale for another strong effort here that ends this on a truly high note.

Overall this was a highly enjoyable and satisfying effort that doesn’t really have much wrong with it beyond the sudden stop of quantity just when it’s getting rather enjoyable, which is the case with most EPs and doesn’t really hinder the fact that this makes for a nice group to keep an eye on for those who enjoy more modern-sounding death outfits.

Score: 89/100

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