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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Wormed - Krighsu

Artist: Wormed
Release Title: Krighsu
Year: 2016
Label: Season of Mist
Genre: Brutal/Technical Death Metal
1. Pseudo-Horizon
2. Neomorph Mindkind
3. Agliptian Codex Cyborgization
4. The Singularitarianism
5. Eukaryotic Hex Swarm
6. Computronium Pulsar Nanarchy
7. A-Life Omega Point
8. 57889330816.1
9. Zeroth-Energy Graviton
10. Molecular Winds

The third full-length from Spanish brutal/tech death masters Wormed captures the insanity and blistering performances that once put them on the map in the first place. From the outset this effort places with the sort of mechanical approach to the riffing style that it really manages to overwhelm on just that level alone, whipping up whirlwinds of savage rhythms with a stunningly complex and challenging series of patterns and arrangements that make for a truly engaging time displaying this kind of intensity at that velocity. The utterly pummeling drumming furthers this nicely with it just obliterating everything around it with a sense of blistering devastation carrying those tightly-wound rhythms along throughout the rather impressive and dynamic paces here. Even grooving along at mid-tempo doesn’t alter this one up that much as the blasting drumming and tight, challenging rhythms offer this one with a complex and truly overwhelming cohesion with the faster tracks that it doesn’t deter or slow down the momentum all that much. Tying all this together with the cosmic/celestial theme makes for a truly exhilarating experience as well by making such a seamless mixture with the rampaging brutality and mechanical technicality that there’s little doubt it should’ve been mixed together from the start and gives this a truly enjoyable experience. The shorter interludes here don’t really offer much beyond breathers in an otherwise clobbering and devastating offering, but there’s little about it that needs fixing it’s nearly perfect as is.

The first half here sets things up utterly well. Opener ‘Pseudo-Horizon’ slowly turns into utterly pounding, unrelenting drumming and ferocious, frenzied riff-work taking on challenging patterns keeping the speed-drenched patterns and challenging arrangements utterly drenched in challenging riff-work as the blasting drum-work continues on throughout the final half for an utterly explosive and dynamic opening effort. ‘Neomorph Mindkind’ immediately works through complex chugging rhythms and frenetic blasting drumming with plenty of ferocious patterns firing along into a stuttering mid-tempo series of rhythms keeping the strong celestial rhythms along into the challenging, tight rhythms in the finale for another strong and utterly impressive effort. ‘Agliptian Codex Cyborgization’ offers blistering drumming and complex rhythms charging along through the utterly dynamic and furious riffing charging alongside the blasting, pummeling drumming keeping the intensity flowing into the frenzied, tight and complex patterns blasting into the final half for another over-the-top display of brutality. ‘The Singularitarianism’ fires off utterly pummeling, frenzied drumming alongside tight, complex grooves charging through the stuttering tempos with the blistering drumming blasting through into the celestial noise interlude finale for an effective if still devastating breather. ‘Eukaryotic Hex Swarm’ carries the main celestial noises through into the blasting drum-work alongside the celestial rhythms from the tight, complex drumming charging along into the thumping rhythms and challenging, complex patterns keeping the celestial vibe through the final half fadeout for a strong effort overall.

The second half keeps up the quality of the first half incredibly well. ‘Computronium Pulsar Nanarchy’ features thumping rhythms and tight drumming offering plenty of blistering drum-work with the celestial rhythms carrying the frenetic, blistering drum-patterns into the full-throttle series of complex rhythms charging alongside the frantic rhythms leading into the celestial noise fade-out finale for another strong highlight.  ‘A-Life Omega Point’ features plenty of blistering full-throttle drumming alongside stuttering riff-work through challenging, complex patterns with tight drum-work keeping the stuttering rhythms holding alongside the furious thumping work alongside the ravenous thumping drumming holding the challenging rhythms on through the final half for stellar back-to-back highlights. ‘57889330816.1’ uses a deep, droning series of celestial noise and technologically-scrambled voices setting up the concept storyline as it segues into follow-up ‘Zeroth-Energy Graviton’ blistering through a series of blasting drumming and tight, complex grooves chugging along through complex rhythms and rather frantic patterns full of intense rhythms from the blasting drumming keeping the thumping riff-work along through the brutal blasting in the final half for another stand-out release. Finally, the epic closer ‘Molecular Winds’ takes ferocious riffing chugging alongside blasting drum-work with plenty of frantic patterns keeping the ferocious arrangements and challenging patterns through the tight drumming blasting alongside the churning riffing and rather pummeling celestial patterns working alongside the tight, choppy sections driving into the finale for an utterly pummeling lasting impression here.

This was just an overall blistering release containing nearly everything that a full-on fan of the band or brutal technical death metal will lap up instantly, not only making this one of the best albums in their already-stellar career but immediately earns it a top spot in the genre that will be hard to surpass.

Score: 99/100

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