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Monday, February 15, 2016

Crushing Axes - Never-Ending Battle Against the Human Plague

Band: Crushing Axes
Release Title: Never-Ending Battle Against the Human Plague
Label: Self-Released/Independent
Genre: Death Metal
Year: 2015
1. Raping the Earth 03:17
2. Stretching Guts 02:28
3. Killing the Innocent 02:59
4. Death Sign 03:36
5. Christian Slaughter 03:00
6. Eppur si muove 02:35
7. Donec Mors Non Separat 03:12
8. Battle Cry 03:35
9. Labyrinth 02:53
10. Est Modus in Rebus 03:05
11. Divine Wrath

The tenth full-length album from Brazilian one-man death metal effort Crushing Axes tends to come across more the same as his past efforts but still retains a lot of enjoyable elements to keep this one rather nicely. As a whole, the album manages to feature a pretty consistent mid-tempo style groove loaded with heavy, chunky riff-work that seems to run through in one speed, the mid-tempo sprawl. This makes for a solid, meaty helping of simple riffing arrangements with a lack of variation in the tempos regardless of the fact that this one does go for a more aggressive series of arrangements. This does seem to make this decidedly more enjoyable than before as despite the one-note sprawling mid-tempo crunch throughout this, the faster tempos and riff variations is quite a bit more intense along with a deeper, rumbling production that makes this sound quite a bit deeper and more impressive. Still, the fact remains here with the album seeming to fall in love with the same types of rhythms and riff-work throughout this as the tracks are based on the similar-type paces have eerily familiar rhythms throughout and can make for a somewhat tedious exercise when it tends to run through familiar ground with each other, but by and large this one here is quite enjoyable since the much fiery style riff-work featured.

The first half here carries this one along quite nicely. Opening track ‘Raping the Earth’ features swirling riff-work and pounding drumming taking along at a steady up-tempo pace with surprisingly energetic and wholly engaging riffing along the simplistic patterns continuing along throughout the rather steady paces along into the final half for a rather fine opening here. ‘Stretching Guts’ uses a rather savage mid-tempo series of riff-work and rather charging mid-tempo paces here with the stuttering rhythms alongside the tight drumming working along into a rather tight, vicious mid-tempo series of blasting drumming keeping the charging rhythms along into the finale for an overall enjoyable effort. ‘Killing the Innocent’ brings frantic drumming and charging mid-tempo riffing full of steady, simplistic patterns with aggressive rhythms leading along into the soaring solo section rumbling along through the steady, simplistic drumming raging along with the stuttering riff-work into the final half for a fun track. ‘Death Sign’ rumbles along with steady drumming and plenty of aggressive, simplistic riffing offering some nice trinkling melodic sprawling rhythms alongside the thunderous drum-work leading along into the staggered riff-patterns carrying along throughout the rather charging rhythms of the finale for a fun if slightly unappealing track. ‘Christian Slaughter’ takes a sturdy, mid-tempo riff and fine drumming into a steady mid-tempo charge with plenty of ravenous drumming carrying along more intense riff-work along into the solo section full of sparkling rhythms and continuing along through the steady final half for an overall enjoyable offering. ‘Eppur si muove’ features a rumbling mid-tempo crawl with thumping drumming and steady riff-work that kicks into more ferocious and intense rhythms with some rather explosive blasting drumming carrying along into a fine melodic break in the finale for a stylish highlight effort.

Overall, the second half doesn’t variate much from the upper half. ‘Donec Mors Non Separat’ features a short, simple series of steady riffing with plenty of thumping drumming taking the strong, up tempo riffing along through the steady, sprawling rhythms featured in the solo section featuring rather celestial melodic keyboards before driving along into the final half for another fun effort. The utterly bland ‘Battle Cry’ uses a simple charging riff with plenty of tight patterns and steady drumming along into a plodding tempo with strong rhythms into a simple pace that never really kicks into any gear or tempo along into the steady riff-work into the simplistic finale for a rather dull and lifeless offering.‘Labyrinth’ uses a charging mid-tempo series of fiery rhythms and pounding drumming carrying frenetic blasting with plenty of engaging riff-work and a rather explosive series of main riffs that flow along into the stylish solo section that carries the pounding blasts along into the final half for another strong highlight offering. ‘Est Modus in Rebus’ features a series of stylish series of mid-tempo riffing that settles into a lethargic charge with plenty of pounding drumming throughout as the tight rhythms carry along through the steady rumbling riffing along into the finale for another overall enjoyable effort. Lastly, album closer ‘Divine Wrath’ uses a thumping mid-tempo charge with simple riffing and thudding drumming with plenty of pounding rhythms carrying along into the tight, charging mid-section with plenty of thumping rhythms and fiery riff-work leading through the solo section and along into the charging final half for a solid ending note here.

Overall this here was quite the impressive if still somewhat flawed effort that makes for a much more impressive and enjoyable variation of his simplistic, energetic brand of death metal, making this one a rather solid effort that’s perfectly in line with fans of his previous work as well as those who prefer this kind of no-frills, to-the-point death metal.

Rating: 79/100

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