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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cadaveric Poison - Cadaveric Poison

Artist: Cadaveric Poison
Release Title: Cadaveric Poison
Year: 2016
Label: Metal-on-Metal Records
Genre: Death/Thrash Metal
1. Cadaveric
2. The Few
3. Rollover
4. Fight for Evil
5. Forfeit the Race
6. Never Put All Your Stones in One Basket
7. Face the Whore
8. Bombs Away
9. Violence Breeds Violence
10. Poison

The self-titled debut from International death/thrash supergroup Cadaveric Poison offers a lot of exceptionally strong work overall that makes them a potential powerhouse in the genre. This here is mostly all about simplistic, straightforward riffing featuring low, deep rhythm patterns creating a dark, heavy atmosphere that permanently dwells over the entire release emanating from the riff-work. There’s a certain dynamic spreading throughout the album as the cause of the straightforward, simplistic patterns keeps this charging along at pretty frantic, strong up-tempo paces that are far more enjoyable when it really lets loose with these arrangements as the heavy thrashing melds together incredibly well with the primitive death metal riff-work. Off-set by the ability to drop into a stellar mid-tempo sprawl that still maintains that evil, dark atmosphere for a sense of variety, this all makes this a wholly enjoyable and cohesive effort which does manage to highlight the one big flaw throughout here. The fact that the material does come off with a cohesive sound that it feels awfully familiar quite quickly here as it goes about doling out it’s attack which rarely deviates from either pattern throughout here. Considering the chance this had to really let loose if it did something about having both an intro and outro that would have provided more chances to deviate somewhat, but overall this one still doesn’t come off that bad with the enjoyment on offer here with how it executes the material/

The first half sets up this one’s work incredibly well. The instrumental intro ‘Cadaveric’ uses a haunting, ominous series of chords setting the stage for proper first-track ‘The Few’ ripping through pounding drumming and simplistic thrashing riff-work through raging tempos with swirling intense rhythms holding the raw, dirty rhythms along through the onslaught of tight riffing and a strong series of thumping, mid-tempo paces into the solo section leading into the raging final half for a spectacular, rousing opening effort. ‘Rollover’ features tight, swirling thrashing riffing and pounding drumming rolling through intense tempos as the series of sprawling, slow-down riffing makes for a fine segue into a rolling, blistering series of thrashing riff-work leading into the solo section and continuing through the blistering finale for another strong effort. ‘Fight for Evil’ immediately takes on thumping mid-tempo charging with infectious riffing and pounding, simplistic drumming thumping along through the steady paces keeping the simplistic rhythms along throughout the solo section and carrying through the steady final half for a truly enjoyable highlight offering. ‘Forfeit the Race’ uses a sprawling series of riffing before settling on thumping drumming and ravenous swirling thrash rhythms carrying the steady riffing along into the dexterous drumming and holding the steady thrashing riffing along through the blistering solo section and continuing through the finale for another solid, enjoyable track.

The second half stumbles a tad but still has a lot to like here. ‘Never Put All Your Stones in One Basket’ features rattling mid-tempo riffing and straightforward drumming running through a fine mid-tempo pace with plenty of rattling rhythms carrying the steady pace along through the steady paces leading into the solo section and carrying through the final half for a decent and solid track. ‘Face the Whore’ takes a steady, sprawling extended lead-in and melodic leads that turns into a rattling swarm of up-tempo thrashing riffing alongside the rattling drumming that continually pounds along to it’s simplistic charging pace into the solo section and on through the blistering finale for a rather dynamic and impressive effort. ‘Bombs Away’ uses a steady fade-in that works through a fine mid-tempo series that keeps the steady, straightforward riffing along through the deep, rattling patterns and plodding drumming that carries the steady rhythms leading into the solo section and keeping the plodding pacing intact through the final half for a still-decent-if-obviously-weakest track on here. ‘Violence Breeds Violence’ immediately blasts through the steady riffing and churning drum-work carrying the straightforward patterns along through the intense patterns leading through the furious riffing thrashing along through the solo section and keeping the intensity raging through the finale for another utterly strong track. Lastly, album-closing instrumental ‘Poison’ takes the sampled noises and ominous build-up into the light fade-out makes for a fine lasting impression as it ends this nicely.

While it does misstep a bit from time-to-time, there’s still a whole lot of enjoyable elements featured here that makes this a wholly worthwhile example of this genre that sounds ripe and ready for fans of the members’ other projects or for those who enjoy this rattling, primitive-sounding death metal variant.

Score: 90/100

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