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Monday, October 10, 2016

Reapter - Cymatics

Artist: Reapter
Release Title: Cymatics
Year: 2016
Label: Revalve Records
Genre: Progressive Thrash Metal
1. Repeat
2. Tsunami
3. Time Lapse
4. The Alchemist
5. Life and Horror
6. Behind a Mask
7. Useless
8. Fallen Angels
9. Tram Out
10. Omega Revolution

Following the success of their last album, Italian thrashers Reapter have continued to utilize their solid basis of mixing classic thrash metal with solid traditional metal rhythms and a hefty dose of prog to great effect.Telling ten captivating stories about a term coined by the physician Hans Henry to describe acoustic effects of sound wave phenomena, the group’s second full-length effort was released after a six-year gap September 23, 2016 with a CD release October 7, 2016 on Revalve Records.

For the most part here, this one is a quite impressive attack that really leaves this one with a solid overall basis on display. The main crunch here from the traditional thrashing and progressive leanings is where this one really works incredibly well as the mainly up-tempo rhythms are technically-challenging and complex with a strong sense of energy throughout, making for some rather fun times here. The fine mixture of ravenous thrashing energy with these complex rhythms gives this the kind of impressive and dynamic crunchy attack while making splendid use of the tightly-wound riff-work for a rather impressive melodic structure to add onto the challenging riff-work which is all highly impressive and enjoyable throughout here until it gets to the second half of the album which is where this one somewhat struggles. Either through the riffing wearing out it’s welcome or simply devolving into a series of weak, spindly riffing that just sounds quite lame and rather forced, there’s little about these tracks that matches the energy, the ferocity or the overwhelming sense of technicality that’s featured here with the main overwhelming sense of these tracks being simply filler in that end. This here is the main factor that holds it back with the positives being quite fun.

Though the weak second half does lower this one leading into the finale, there’s still a strong amount of solid work that works quite strongly here with the ravenous thrashing and complex riff-work that really does come off nicely here for fans of this kind of challenging technically-precise thrashing or more melodic-leaning thrash fans.

Score: 86/100

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