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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Откровения Дождя (Revelations of Rain) - Акрасия (Akrasia)

Artist: Откровения Дождя (Revelations of Rain)
Release Title: Акрасия (Akrasia)
Year: 2016
Label: Solitude Productions
Genre: Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal
1. Алтарь блудниц (Altar of Whores)
2. Сквозь ночь Фобетора (Through Phobetor's Night)
3. Эшафот (Scaffold)
4. В грусти и радости (In Joy and Sorrow)
5. Вместо тысячи слов (Instead of a Thousand Words)
6. Демоны милосердия (Demons of Mercy)
7. Корень всех бед (Root of All Evil)
8. На снежных крыльях (On Snow Wings)

Still exploiting their melancholy vibes, Russian melodic doom/death metallers Откровения Дождя, romanized as Revelations of Rain, continue to bring the anguish, atmosphere and power that has remained at the forefront of their sound for over a decade. Coming together after a three-year break, the group finally releases their fifth full-length album October 24, 2016 on powerhouse label Solitude Productions.

There’s very little reinvention going on throughout this album, and that tends to be one of it’s more impressive marks as it’s focused on their previous works. Continuing forth with an epic grandeur, the album is backed with crushing, monolithic riffing that’s slow, deep and immensely heavy which allows the band to effortlessly shift to varying stylistic approaches without losing their own identity. Utilizing the agonized, lethargic sprawling tempos for the vast majority of their tactical style and then balancing that out with sections of light atmospheric trinkling that showcases a fine melodic bent alongside fiery, up-tempo sections containing the band putting a lot more energetic and riffier segments of more melodic death metal elements getting introduced which really completes the whole dynamic on display. The fact that this one manages to stay on course throughout here without really deviating too much from their standard sound as this one manages to go for a wide range of gloom-infused melancholic doom/death featuring the fine melodies, haunting riff-work and simply crushing patterns that make up the majority of this one that are wholly impressive in their delivery and execution which really helps this one generate quite a large amount of positives over the one low-riding flaw to be found here. This one is exceptionally overlong and really does manage to feel it’s length as it’s quite weighty during various segments in here. It’s not necessarily a detrimental effort, but it’s still noticeable.

Although it gets too weighty and lengthy at times for its own good, the fact that this is still a highly impressive and completely crushing effort which really works nicely here in regards to the genre so that all fans of their past works or melancholic doom metal are encouraged to take notice of this one.

Score: 95/100

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