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Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 Best-Ofs

So, it being the time of the year where this is appropriate, it's time now for my picks of the years' best-of albums. It being the first year of the site, I expect you're not going to understand how I make my choices so it'd be a surprise to realize I have 5 different genres actually chosen here, but I feel it's due to a rather overlooked factor: not all genres are equal, and an equal rating doesn't mean the albums are the same. What makes a Black Metal album come out at a 90% isn't the same as what makes a Power Metal album 90%, so overall I really don't like putting everything together like that. So, instead I'm putting the different genres together against each other (which also has the added benefit of allowing me to spotlight 50 albums instead of 10) so here we go:

My Black Metal Top 10
1. Inquisition-Bloodshed Across the Empyrean Altar Beyond the Celestial Zenith
2. Elderblood-Messiah
3. Dark Funeral-Where Shadows Forever Reign
4. Ragehammer-The Hammer Doctrine
5. Nordjevel-Nordjevel
6. Total Hate-Lifecrusher-Contributions to a World in Ruins
7. Destroyer 666-Wildfire
8. Infant Death-Violent Rites
9. Ars Veneficium-The Reign of the Infernal King
10. Denouncement Pyre-Black Sun Unbound

My Death Metal Top 10:
1. Wormed-Krighsu
2. Decimated Humans-Dismantling the Decomposed Entity
3. Surgikill-Sanguinary Revelations
4. Ripper-Experiment of Existence
5. Blood Red Throne-Union of Flesh and Machine
6. Rebaelliun-The Hell's Decrees
7. Chthe’ilist-Le Dernier Crépuscule
8. Vader-The Empire
9. Sin of God-Aenigmata
10. Stillborn-Testimonio de Bautismo

My Traditional Metal Top 10:
1. Demon Bitch-Hellfriends
2. Elm Street-Knock 'Em Out...With a Metal Fist
3. Widow-Carved in Stone
4. Sacred Steel-Heavy Metal Sacrifice
5. Hitten-State of Shock
6. Blizzen-Genesis Reversed
7. Cauchemar-Chapelle dente
8. Savage Master-With Whips and Chains
9. Striker-Stand in the Fire
10. Lonewolf-The Heathen Dawn

My Power Metal Top 10:
1. Iron Savior-Titancraft
2. Sinbreed-Master Creator
3. Hellion Prime-Hellion Prime
4. Hypersonic-Existentia
5. Primal Fear-Rulebreaker
6. Mystic Prophecy-War Brigade
7. Wisdom-Rise of the Wise
8. Highlord-Hic Sunt Leones
9. Twilight Force-Heroes of Mighty Magic
10. Dakesis-The New Dawn

My Thrash Metal Top 10:
1. Maze of Terror-Ready to Kill
2. Untimely Demise-Black Widow
3. Paradox-Pangea
4. Unhoped-Sonic Violence
5. Anthrax-For All Kings
6. Death Angel-The Evil Divide
7. Euphoria-Operation: Genesis
8. McDeath-Lord of the Thrash
9. Condition Critical-Extermination Plan
10. Assassin-Combat Cathedral

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