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Monday, September 12, 2016

This Ending - Garden of Death

Artist: This Ending
Release Title: Garden of Death
Year: 2016
Label: Apostasy Records
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
1. Torrent of Souls
2. Blackened Shrine
3. Boundaries of Hell
4. Dark Samaritan
5. Garden of Death
6. Victims
7. World of Nightmares
8. Chaos Within
9. Vultures

From their formation in 2006, Swedish melodic death metallers This Ending have carried on the style and sound from their previous incarnation, the defunct A Canorous Quintet, by blending a tougher death metal style with strong melodic lead-work. With long-time members in guitarist Leon Pignon and bassist Jesper Löfgren being replaced by Peter Nagy and Linus Petersson respectively in the years between releases, the bands’ third full-length is released on new label Apostasy Records on April 22, 2016.

As was the case when the band first started, this one here is all about the fact that the band doesn’t go in for the usual melodic death metal routine of light, poppy rhythms overlaid with gruff vocals and then capped off with melodic leads. The melodic lead-work is still present, but this one here is all about the album’s driving backbone here featuring a driving and hard-hitting series of deep, churning rhythms that are much more traditionally-based in primitive thrashy death metal. This energetic series of rousing rhythms is given a heavier, far more energetic series of tempos as the tight, buzzing riffing is far heavier than what would normally be presented while this still enables plenty of melodic rhythms. The traditional sense here is in full-effect where it’s all about the deep, swirling melodic runs that are presented here which are just absolutely memorable and hummable at the same time as well as featuring the kind of charging atmosphere presented in the remaining sections makes this quite and wholly enjoyable and impressive attack for the most part. Though this attack is quite impressive and enjoyable for the most part, what really holds it up is the rather stumbling nature it’s more melodic rhythms interject with the heavier-hitting patterns. Though initially they’re quite well-meaning, this one tends to drop off the pace considerably in many areas of the tracks to generate a more traditional melody rather than working it into the heavier charge that was working quite well for them. It worked incredibly well when it combined the two, and moving into the other direction didn’t really come off all that well, and is really the main thing holding this one back.

As it’s not quite all that bad here and really only stumbles quite rarely, this is a quite enjoyable and rousing blend of stylish melodic death metal that has enough positive points to overcome the flaws and makes for a worthy addition to any fan of the style or those that enjoy the band’s past catalog or the earlier incarnation of the group.

Score: 85/100

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