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Friday, August 12, 2016

Decimated Humans - Dismantling the Decomposed Entities

Artist: Decimated Humans
Release Title: Dismantling the Decomposed Entites
Year: 2016
Label: Transcending Records (Ghastly Music reissue)
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
1. Decimation of Humanity
2. Sanguivorous
3. Spawned from Discernment
4. Extermination Campaign
5. Eternal Bleeding
6. Consumed by Cadirus
7. Trinity
8. Viral Incision
9. Translucent Endtimes
10. Severed Veins
11. Venomous Breed ‒ The Final Entity

A wholly international act, brutal death metallers Decimated Humans have soldiered on as a two-piece after a minor line-up reshuffle that leaves Australian Wyatt Chee on the instrumentation with Nevada-based Lennon O’Donnell on vocals. Initially released April 16, 2016 on Transcending Records before a reissue August 12, 2016 on Ghastly Records, this second full-length album showcases more of a technical/progressive side while still incorporating their signature slams and blasts.

For the most part this here is a truly unrelenting and savage monster of an album with plenty of truly lethal and blistering rhythms running throughout here. The main influence here is a ravenous technical assault that generates a truly frightening attack here by managing to make the riff-work truly complex and challenging while making for a whirlwind of truly blistering leads alongside the tight, densely-layered chugging riff-work leading this along it’s paces. Not only is the technical savagery littered with impressively progressive leanings in being able to meld that level of musicianship into the tight space for the arrangements but then to mix all this blazing technicality into a slam-based concoction is just decimating, leaving this with a truly vicious and utterly ferocious blast of brutal material that’s just as much infectious as the brutality. The swirling technologically-based production that renders it all into a concise, mechanical blast of feral energy is a truly enjoyable burst of energy that’s absolutely spellbinding and brings it all into focus with the technically-precise riffing getting the chance to shine while making the pummeling rhythm-section just bulldoze everything in it’s wake in a sea of blazing, gory glory which is what makes this one such an intimidating and ferocious assault. The music may indeed be a blur of noise to some, but it’s hardly worth nitpicking about when the rest of the material is this good.

Frankly, this here is near-flawless account of truly frightening technicality and pummeling brutality that’s as listenable and infectious as it is devastating and vicious, which leaves this one of the genre’s very best overall examples and makes this required listening for fans of any style incorporated into this assault on the ears.

Score: 98/100

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