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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Lucifericon - Brimstone Altar EP

Artist: Lucifericon
Release Title: Brimstone Altar EP
Year: 2016
Label: Invictus Productions/Blood Harvest
Genre: Death Metal
1. Brimstone Altar
2. The Jaws of Time
3. Witch of the Cosmic Grave

Arriving in 2009, Netherlands-based death metallers Lucifericon have delved deep into occult mysticism for their work and have presented this on their second release. Armed with new drummer Tim Verheijden and a May 2nd, 2016 release on Blood Harvest, this devastating three-song release is a further notch on their belt as they continue to offer high-quality and inviting material.

With only three tracks, this one gets in and quickly does its damage here with the devastation coming immediately. Jagged, swirling tremolo riffing and a steady, mid-tempo gallop are the primary focus here, and given that the material is given an epic edge with their extended lengths it allows for the occult atmosphere to drip from the tracks, taking the slow, lecherous crawling tempos and dynamic swirling rhythms into a darkened, mystic haze that properly recalls the type of swampy, murky death metal haze from the genre’s infancy.  Mixing it up with these elements is the ability to slow it down some and wallow in a mid-tempo, near-doom like sprawling that’s immensely crushing and effectively captures their old-school spirit and tone quite well, overall making for quite an impressive attack. Granted, one can’t help but notice that it’s only three tracks and seems over quite early, but overall there’s still a lot to like overall here.

With some stellar work here especially considering it’s brevity as the main strike against it, there’s still so much good stuff to really like here that this one really should help make the band a part of the growing scene and gives it some appeal for those who gravitate towards the occultish side of death metal.

Score: 80/100

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