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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Krigere Wolf - Infinite Cosmic Evocation

Artist: Krigere Wolf
Release Title: Infinite Cosmic Evocation
Year: 2016
Label: Fallen-Angel Productions
Genre: Black/Death Metal
1. And the Night Descendes Again-Slaves of the Blazing Cult
2. Infinite Cosmic Evocation
3. Unholy Magical Throne
4. Solar Storms
5. Warriors of the Sun
6. Ancient Inscriptions of Ancestral Misery
7. Through the Void and Asters Light

Quickly becoming one of the genre’s figureheads, Italian black/death metallers Krigere Wolf has improved dramatically since their inception and are fully capable of storming to the top of the genre’s list. Now onto album number three following a rather impressive split album, this new release is ushered out April 16, 2016 on Fallen-Angels Records.

Much like their previous albums, this one manages to contain quite a significant and impressive amount of work that goes into generating the kind of mixture here between the styles of the band. There’s a great deal of work accomplished at.bringing the kind of deep, swirling tremolo patterns of nominal black metal artists and the approach of a tight, frantic series of arrangements that manage to evoke more of a death metal series of rhythms that’s quite a competent and explosive force here. Firing off a selection of blazing tremolo-picked riffing that borders on the frenzied and the schizophrenic such is the ferocity and intensity they’re delivered in here, this one manages to really unleash quite a destructive attack here, balanced quite well with the ability to interject the blasting, hellish drumming alongside a nice tightly-wound series of intense rhythms that are quite in keeping with their type of assault here. There’s even the album’s tendency to really go for a more black metal aesthetic here with it’s long, sprawling sections offering plenty of ambient melodies into the fray that conjure up a more mystical, naturalistic vibe in the atmosphere to complete the whole affair, making for a lot to really like here. The biggest problem here that does strike this one slightly is the overlong number of some of the tracks which just isn’t all that impressive and seems to drone on more than necessary here and the tracklist doesn’t help either. Still, it’s quite an enjoyable offering.

With a fantastic attack bridging quite a few lines between the black and death metal realms where it’s got plenty to like and only manages a few minor areas that hold it down, there’s enough here to give this plenty to line it up along the top of the genre to come while not really finding many who won’t really like this one.

Score: 91/100

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